"I have been struggling with issues and stuck for years not knowing where to turn. You have no idea what an answer to prayer this has been." -MINISTRY DIRECTOR

"Early in my career, I became consumed with performance and perfection. I exhausted myself pretending that I was okay, until I reached a point that I couldn't hold it together any longer. I was able to receive the help I needed and learned how to lead in my weaknesses." -STUDENT PASTOR

"Moving our family oversees to serve with a mission organization has been rewarding, but also very difficult for our family. Feeling alone and not seeing the results we'd hoped for has caused us to question our calling at times. We now have a counselor to walk alongside us." -MISSIONARIES

"My wife and I were struggling. Being young in marriage, having small children and facing growing financial pressures placed an incredible amount of stress on our lives. God led us to a caring counselor to help. What a gift!"-PASTOR

"I've struggled with self image for many years, feeling the pressure to be gifted as a musician and look a certain way. I was able to breakthrough the lies I was believing about myself." -WORSHIP LEADER

"I feel humbled to be a part of such a needed ministry. Having the chance to meet with Ministry Leaders and start talking through real issues is such a blessing. I'm honored to be involved." -COUNSELOR

"Being a part of a team of Christian professionals that have the same passion to serve Ministry Leaders has been very inspiring. I believe every person I meet with is a divine appointment." -COUNSELOR