Who qualifies as a Ministry Leader to receive support and safe counsel?

Ministry Leaders on staff with a Christian ministry organization in a leadership role that involves ministering directly to others. This includes pastors, ministry directors, worship leaders, pastoral counselors, missionaries, etc.  

When would a Ministry Leader seek help? 

When having difficulty navigating life, overcoming personal struggles and facing relational issues. We also encourage meeting with a counselor to assess overall healthiness (physical, emotional and spiritual).

Why is it a challenge for Ministry Leaders to seek help?

Financial limitations, privacy concerns and knowing who to talk to (counselors that understand the challenges of vocational ministry) are common barriers that make it a challenge to seek help.

Who are the counselors on the directories?

Counseling professionals that are Christians with a Biblical worldview and have a heart for Ministry Leaders. They have been trained at various seminaries, colleges, universities and counseling programs. Ministry Leaders are encouraged to learn more about their unique life experiences, skills and Christian counseling philosophy.

How many sessions are provided?

At least one session is offered free of charge to help Ministry Leaders take a step towards their personal and relational growth. If additional care is needed, sessions may continue at a fee agreed upon by the counselor and Ministry Leader through their private practice. If specialized care is needed, other counseling referrals and helpful resources may be recommended as well. 

How does it work?

Getting help is simple... 1. Choose an available counselor from the directory  2. Contact them directly and mention Abide Leader Care  3. Schedule your first session

Is this service confidential?

All counseling professionals involved create a safe, confidential space for Ministry Leaders to be honest and transparent. We do encourage allowing other trusted individuals into a Ministry Leader's life to know and walk alongside them.

Can I connect with a counselor over the phone or through online counseling?

Some of the counselors involved will connect over the phone and those that offer online counseling have a camera icon next to their name. 

What if I meet with a counselor and it's not a good fit?

For various reasons, not all counseling relationships are a good fit. Counseling can terminate at any time whether initiated by the Ministry Leader or counselor. 

Can family members of Ministry Leaders seek help?

Family members may only be involved if they are part of the main issues needing help.

Will a directory come to my city?

Directories in new cities are actively being developed! If your city is not represented, you can contact a counselor in a city nearest you to set up a time to meet in person if you are willing to commute. Connecting by phone or through onine counseling is also an option for select counselors.