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Trudi's (MA, MS, LMFT) passion is to partner with people as they work through struggles, heal from painful experiences, and grow stronger in the process. She believes therapy provides a sacred place to feel safe and express feelings in a confidential setting. Trudi seeks to help individuals, couples and families find practical solutions to manage life’s challenges through the blending of psychological understanding with sound Christian principles.


Ken (MA, LMFT) works with men, couples and families and specializes in helping men overcome porn and sex addiction. He has a strong background in church ministry and understands the difficulties ministry staff experience. Ken understands the necessity of confidentiality when working with pastors and their families and also assists church leaders to wisely navigate difficulties. 


Mary's (MS, LPCC) desire is to create a safe environment for people to have the space to heal.  In addition, she hopes to be a place where safety allows one's raw, real, authentic self to emerge.  She believes we all have the capacity to heal and grow and she hopes to provide the environment for such growth to take place. 


Jessica (MA, LPC) believes the biggest step in counseling is taking the first step to ask for help and support. Life can be challenging in many different ways and sometimes it is nice to have someone come along beside you and walk through the journey with you. Jessica works together to get to know who God created you to be and discover His plans for you.

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Devin (MA, LPCC, NCC) believes we are all in the midst of our stories and it was the author Dan Allender who invited him not just to look to God as the Father of his life, but as the Author as well. He encourages this practice with all of his clients. Knowing your story and constructing a new narrative will help to guide you on your path to healing and self-understanding.

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Sean (MS, LMFT) specializes in helping couples build a solid future through premarital counseling, guides healing in struggling marriages, coaches parents in finding unity in their parenting efforts and helps couples find renewed sexual and emotional intimacy with each other. He also helps people struggling with addictions, setting life goals, overcoming anxiety, and finding renewed satisfaction in their relationships with others. 


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